I Almost Died

My husband broke a rib today. Evidently a goat kicked him in the chest. Most people would take the day off but not him- at least he only has to stand around and look important tomorrow since he is acting foreman while the main guy is on leave. I guess I can't object to that as long as he doesn't do more than just stand around and look important which I know is going to drive him nuts.
Ironically I had a similar experience with an animal although the matter didn't become so extreme- I will get to that in a moment but first I want to share what a moment of curiosity got me:

After walking the dog yesterday I decided to venture across the street to the decrepit ruin of a house where the squatters liked to stop by now and again in the hopes of finding a spring bulb or two. I was a wee bit jealous of all the crocuses that were coming up in neighbors gardens- people who had not the slightest interest in gardening either. I'm pretty frugal about buying plants- if theres a chance to get nice ones for free then I would rather dig up the dirt than dish out the cash!
Spring Projects
(pictured from left to right clockwise: columbine, daffodil, tulip, and two pots with 4 cherry and 1 maple all from mom's or this garden)

I was a bit nervous because in the house next door to the hovel a woman was nattering on and on over her phone which was the first time anyone had ever made use of their backyard deck as far as I could tell. Made me feel like a trespasser (which I was, but you know how it is, most people would rather see someone take the flowers than see them bulldozed). But I persevered and much to my delight I found a clump of deep purple/blue miniature irises. My favorite flower. I already had my little shovel and pot with me so within 2 minutes the flowers were mine and 5 minutes later planted in the grape arbor.

I went out later that day on a hunch and discovered loads of crocuses at an abandoned lot in town behind the nearby supermarket. Since I was already armed with shovel and pot guess what I did...they were much tougher however. I came back there today with a small rake and got my fill. Ignored the crackhead who wandered by screaming as if that was normal behavior and tried not to be offended by the man with the camera who asked if the garbage heaps were mine. (turns out he was from the city offices and photographing the junk to file a complaint)
I left this one where it was.

Prior to that I had driven out to Whonnok and passed by a sweet little piece of property that I always wanted to photograph- it had a lovely little landscaped stream with a miniature water wheel, boulders, bridges etc. Wouldn't you know it that the sun disappeared right after I parked the car. This prompted me to actually leave the car (something I rarely do) to get the shot. I was enjoying the compositional phase of establishing the picture in my viewfinder when the brown furry thing which at a distance looked like a long haired breed of cow started to head my way- at a gallop.

Thats when I realized it was either a lama or an alpaca. I waited until it was almost at the fence (it had slowed down slightly as it got nearer) but as soon as it got to within a meter of of it I took two steps back. These creatures can reach out with their long necks and bite you. (I forgot at the time that they could also spit too- my husband reminded me of this fact when I described the whistling and panting noises it made.)

It was scary to look at- black eyes and overgrown lower teeth and a threatening posture. I felt uncomfortable and took two portraits and was just about ready to leave when the beast reared straight up on its hind legs and balanced on them long enough to wave its front hooves menacingly in the air! Christ! Did it want to trample me?! I thought it was going to get it's feet tangled into the top of the wire fence but thank God it was able to pivot as it landed back on its feet.
I made my get away and the image of a fiery griffin in profile somehow was stuck to my brain as well as the horrid speculation of what might have happened had the griffin actually got itself stuck in the wire mesh. I was laughing hysterically once I got to the car and feeling like a fool all at once. It was certainly an interesting experience.



Today marks my 11th day without a cigarette.
I can't take too much credit for quitting- getting that second tooth pulled figured into it quite a bit. Ielaborated on how this came about in my journal 'Quitting' over at DA. Of course something has to give and the money I would have spent on cigarettes for this month went into a snack budget- I kind of overdid it but I think I'm a bit entitled for the first month and its certainly not all for my benefit- my husband has a sweet tooth as well!

Bigger View

I was talking with my sister on the phone today and she mentioned going to 'aquasize' with her friend. I thought about this all afternoon and concluded that there was no reason why I shouldn't take up swimming to loose weight. There is a pool only 20 minutes walk from home and it opens at 6:00am so it's not like I would have to feel self conscious with too many people around! I know if I don't exert myself more I will become painfully overweight so I made the resolve to go tomorrow.

This past weekend my husband and I drove out to Mission to explore the mountains but unfortunately the road that interested me hadn't been plowed so we probably only went a fifth of the way. One of those roads that the logging companies build and are open to the public "at your own risk". It was nice- lots of fresh air, clean mountain water, great views...just a bit nerve wracking with all the slimy slush and snow.

The sunsets and sunrises are prettier in the colder weather- at least when its not raining which is rare. Rarer still is to find a good place to get the shot I'm looking for but we did manage:

From Tretheway Street

Unfortunately, there were 2 specks of dust on my lens during the weekend shoot that I only became aware of once I uploaded the photos onto my computer. That would probably explain the focusing difficulties I had and consequently blurry photos. *sob*
I did clean all my lenses after that...
My last photo has a title that was inspired by all the house hunting I'm doing on line. :)

I Could Live Here