Art Journal Review

Art Journal

I bought a new sketch book- it's actually a Strathmore Visual Journal marketed at creative types who like to use heavier mediums in their art like collage materials. It takes water color washes quite well as it's 140 lb300gm2 paper. Since this is kind of an art materials review I have to say that the book isn't really aimed at artists but serves as a good place to try out new techniques because the paper is heavy, very white and is bound together with a strong coil and has a very hard back.

Alcohol based markers

It takes ink and water colour washes pretty nicely...I imagine collage and texturing would work really well plastered onto this heavy paper. Obviously pencil media looks nice on the bright white paper- I used Prisma Colors on this example. Tip: it's easier to colour with pencils if you slip a hard plastic sheet behind the paper- I often forget this when I first start out a project. The sheet serves to give a smoother and harder surface for the pencils to put weight on rather than the soft paper which I find to be a bit of a hindrance when keeping drawings in any kind of bound book.

I purchased the book at Michaels in Kamloops.

Pencil Crayon drawing (unfinished)