David Tennant, Jememy Wade, Jim Parsons, etc.

Christmas is finally over and it was great- family came up to see us in Merritt and we even had snow for them!

Back to the usual. Oh that's right- there is no usual...that cat of mine is getting fixed come Monday and I don't care how much snow is on the Coquihalla. It has to be done because she is driving me insane.

Been doing a few more assignments photography wise and more art...even tho Facebook now has a little gadget to post images in the side bar I will post my own anyway.
Those gadgets are nifty but can make a person lazy- I haven't blogged for some time now I see.

Firstly: A picture of my hubby which I'm not all that pleased with...a decent drawing but I made him look older than he is. :(

A picture of my friend Judy who is a fellow artist and thank God there is someone out there who actually wants to discuss art rather than just the mechanics of an art club!

David Tennant. I am not a Dr. Who fan but I like the way this particular actor portrays his role.