Art Show

My hubby went turkey hunting this past weekend and I drove him out to Kelowna to meet with his buddy Dave and then picked him up on Sunday and even helped close down the show at the civic center. He and Dave didn't get anything but they saw an immense amount of wildlife; whitetail, mule deer, intermixed deer, bear, turkeys etc. They stayed at a place called Parklane Resort which is in Christina Lake which Othmar has only good things to say about although the town shut up tighter than a clam in the evenings.

I should mention that we took the long way to Kelowna but nothing came up in the way of wildlife but that one goose that we saw on our trip to Osoyoos was back again in that Osprey's nest. How bizarre- that's a long drop down for her chicks if she hatches eggs way up there on a telephone pole. As my sister would say: "It's nature's way of weeding out the gene pool!"

Meanwhile, we had our May Art Show and Sale at the local civic center in Merritt last weekend and now all the art has been moved to the Courthouse Gallery for the next month. It was a really beautiful set up with all kinds of art from traditional to digital represented. A lot of work went into the set up- hanging and placing it all, getting the piano and musicians in, decorating the place etc. The end result was probably a bit of an eye opener for the attendees who probably think of Merritt less an artistic community than an agricultural one.

I've only put two pieces in the show- both pen and ink from quite a few years back. It's probably high time I started back with that kind of drawing since I quite like it.

Bigger view At DA

Bigger View At DA

Speaking of art; I plan on going to Vancouver next week to the Vancouver Art Gallery there which has a whole bunch of the Dutch Master's painting on exhibition in a loan from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. My sister told me about it and my brother as well who wants to go. Speaking of him, he just got Skype installed which, if you don't know, is (currently) a free long distance phone service that runs over the computer! Un-effing-believable. Not only is it (currently) still free it is also very user friendly and installed without a single, solitary glitch. The first program I ever used that had a 100% perfect installation and works without any problems.

There's a few other things I want to write about but I will leave it to a later post- our little adventure today, plans for my web site, issues that are bugging me on certain web sites etc. Hope folks had as good a week end as I did!