The Butterfly Effect

I created a wallpaper some time ago under the name of 12monthsOFwinter and posted it on DeviantArt. Despite the watermark it has been downloaded almost 200, 000 times since it first went online some 4 years ago.
It consistently shows up on the first page of a search for 'butterfly wallpaper' in search engines (partially because it has been uploaded to various sites- usually without permission). Since I can't go back in time or stem the tide I am uploading a new version at DA and new versions for various devices- but with my real name on it rather than an avatar watermark.
These are all at 100 pixels per inch at various dimensions for Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows, Apple etc. I'm sure there's an image that will work for most phones.


December, Merritt

 Country Christmas has come and gone in Merritt. We had a huge parade this year- I think it was 45 minutes or so which was tough in the cold. While it was enjoyable I won't be photographing a parade again for 'fun' in that kind of cold again- unless someone pays me!
My hands were shaking by the time Coopers 'float' came by!

 I did meet a fellow photographer out there who I have seen before at rodeos- now that we have Facebook it's easy to see and appreciate what other photographers are doing.
Saw a bit of the concert at the Civic Center afterwards and then checked out all the crafters exhibits. 
The band master gave this ornately carved staff to Othmar to hold- he should have kept it!
Of course I had seen most of it the day before while setting up with the Valley Visual Artists but there are simply SO many nice things to see- and shop for!
My husband got some nice garlic mustard and seasoning from Mountainside Garlic .

Delicious goodies!

 Art wasn't a big seller at the fair but it's kind of an odd venue...still I enjoyed it.

The Valley Visual Artists hanging their show and sale
On day two we all just started drawing...this is what I came up with.
My husband and I were at an art reception for Cass Dolen and Meriel Barber at the Courthouse Gallery on Saturday. This show is set up through the Nicola Valley Community Art's Council and it was REALLY nice. Meriel is the new gallery curator and this is her first show there. Cass has shown before but she has a lot of new work. The pieces are of a fairly large size and it's wonderful to see art on that scale...especially for someone who likes to work on smaller scale (I paint the odd miniature). 
Cass Dolens work- Meriels at the far end.
One of Meriel's paintings- this one sold at the reception.
And finally, last night we had dinner at the annual Christmas get-together of the Valley Visual Artists. Shirley S. hosted and it was a really nice evening.