On Drawing, Television and the Coquihalla

On September 27th the Coquihalla toll booth workers were told to go home- their job was done. After 20 years the toll has ended and the booths are being torn down. Quite a historic day! Evidently all the money brought in paid for the cost of the Coquihalla Highway and the government decided to take advantage of the election fever/interest to make themselves look generous! lolThis is a link to the highway web cam which must still be up.
I had driven out last week to visit my sister and remember rummaging in my purse for 10 dollars before I remembered that it's free now! I pulled along side the highway to take a few photos of Merritt in the early morning light:

This is a LARGE version of the panorama at my art account

Also, I should mention a bit about my husband's hunting/fishing successes: He's brought home 4 grouse and 6 ducks recently and 2 days ago 3 beautiful fish- one of them was over a foot and a half in length which shocked me; I didn't think they got that big in Nicola Lake!

Of course It's bigger here!

I mentioned in my last post that I'm drawing again, mostly celebrity portraits. I've actually drawn more pictures in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 2 years...I was discouraged for the longest time whenever I tried to do a portrait but thank God that's changed. Also, for the longest time I did not watch cable t.v. Like, nearly a decade till last year. I got kind of hooked on first Law and Order and then CSI. I'm sure a lot of people think "oh those are crap shows!" and I would have to agree that some of the episodes are crappy but I don't watch shows like that to pick apart the plot- I watch them to be entertained. Nowadays it's the Star Trek shows, documentaries, still some of the crime dramas, and also the idiotically funny kitchen shows ( Gordon Ramsey Rocks! ). Gord's Home Page where I'm certain he's not quite as psychotic! What I can't stand are the so called 'reality shows'. There is this plethora of useless people ( and I say useless because they obviously have nothing better to do than sit in a room with a bunch of other useless people ) being filmed in meaningless situations...but of course there are exceptions! Mantracker is pure entertainment- a very competent outdoors man stalks his human targets who get a head start and 36 hours to make it to the finish line before Mantracker catches him- or her!
The only show I would say that I truly hate is Family Guy- it's disgusting the things that it condones and makes me cringe when I think that kids watch it. But I'm babbling now! I wanted to post some of the portraits I finished recently:

Click here for a larger view
This is "Q" from Star Trek: Next Generation.

Click here for a larger view
This is Doctor Beverley Crusher from Star Trek: Next Generation.

Click here for a larger view.
This is Patrick Stewart who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: Next Generation.

Click here for a larger view.
For anyone interested, here are some of the preliminary steps for the Patrick Stewart picture. :)