Merritt Olympic Torch Stuff

Yesterday the Olympic torch came through Merritt. It went right past my house as a matter of fact. There was a procession of vehichles preceding the runner(s) and the first person who went by didn't have a lit torch which was confusing but eventually the real deal came by.

Olympic Psychedelia

We watched from the window and went to Voght Park later on where I was able to get some pictures. It was a great atmosphere despite the cold and even I could get into the spirt of it seeing all those little kids singing their hearts out on stage all wrapped up in red jackets and touqes and with medals hanging around their necks. I didn't want to drag my tripod with me so have quite a few typical shots for night photography but later on I ran into Merritt's cable man and was able to use his tripod while he was shoulder filming with his video camera.

Olympic Celebrations

Here is a link to the event schedule for those who follow winter sports: click here.

Eternal Flame


Merritt's community art show is kind of lost in all this but it will run from February 5th to the 27th; a bit more information to be found here: Merritt Herald story.

I've put a few drawings in- portraits rather than anything themed towards the Olympics- and am continuing putting together my new photography archives. The WCA galleries are updated on my website as well as descriptions for most of the other work.

I've also agreed to allow some of my Photoshop patterns to be published in a Japanese Photoshop Guide. Photoshop patterns are essentially seamless tiles that are created to be used as brushstrokes in Adobe's Photoshop program. As a former carny I find it funny that we used to send pesky kids away to find 'checkered paint' and now I actually make the stuff! lol
That's about it for now- can't wait till this cold weather is over with and can get out more. Oh one more picture I took recently (while heading to the coast for a funeral):

Bad Moon Rising