Photography Exhibit at the Courthouse Gallery

I have an exhibit of some of my best photographs at the local gallery in Merritt, B.C. which I'm quite exited about!
This exhibit will run for nearly the whole month with a reception for it on the 16th.
Here's a link to a page I whipped up on my web site that shows miniature versions of my photos: Heidi's Photos at the Courthouse Gallery!
2 other photographers are showing as well- Anne Roberts and Jack Pickens. Spent most of the weekend just preparing my work, getting stuff on the walls, cleaning and organizing the gallery, putting together prices and get the advertising out. Oh yes, and updating all the web stuff where I can- the work that goes into it is really quite a lot- thank goodness Shirley Sauviet was there to organizing the hanging of the prints- I am totally useless at figuring out what looks aesthetic on the wall- I like the hammering part best!

Also went to the Black Powder shoot out at the shooting range to take pictures- espeically now that there is a medieval reinactment group taking part this year- and will go there again today and hopefully post some pictures later tonight.

Hope everyone is having a great Easter Weekend!