Tattoo and the Tulameen

I watched another artist recently; a tattoo artist applied his skills to my sister's arm and she's now proudly sporting a gigantic leafy haired woman's head on her right shoulder.
Quite a pretty job the artist did:

Bigger picture

I'm drawing more and more myself as well- trying not to let anything stop the roll I'm currently on...I've moved away from Trek-land for a bit and am working on the Lost Crew...I'm giving 'cross-hatching' a fair try!

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And finally, yesterday being such a stellar day albeit a cold one, we decided to do a little road trip out to Princeton- about an hour south east of Merritt. Surprisingly Princeton seems to be about the same size as Merritt; I always thought it was considerably smaller.
We also headed out to the ghost town of Coalmont which hasn't changed much in the last hundred years I imagine.
The very first road trip I ever took in my own car was to Princeton and Coalmont with the intention of getting out to Tulameen as well although I never went that far back then- I was a new driver and it was snowing horribly...
Anyway, there is virtually nothing left of the ghost town of Tulameen- it appears to exist as a retirement community for people who obviously have money to spend on nice log houses in the back of beyond. It was a very scenic drive and probably the last decent one till spring- it's getting cold these days.

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Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving...and Christmas if I don't write till the new year! lol