Nosebleed And The Color Yellow

It's about a week since my husband had the nosebleed to end all nosebleeds. It started on Monday and stopped but picked up again Tuesday afternoon and never stopped till the doctor cauterized a damaged blood vessel on Saturday morning in Penticton.

You would think that this is the kind of operation that a general practitioner could do but obviously not since we had to wait a week and drive 1.5 hours east to another hospital that had a nose specialist. I never saw so much blood coming out of a person for such a stupid reason- what I mean is that if it's such a common problem ( nosebleeds ) then why isn't it common practice for any doctor to be able to do this?
But what do I know right? I'm glad he's all fixed up now but I do wish that I felt more confidence in the local hospital- I was recently told by someone that they don't even deliver babies there unless it's an emergency.

In other news: I'm going to feature the colour yellow today. Like this swallowtail that was sucking back lilac nectar that we encountered while walking the dog this morning across from the house where a firebug burned down part of a cedar hedge.

Bigger View at DA

Salsify or Goatsbeard is a common weed around here with a very striking flower. It seems to grow in the worst ground- dry hardpack with very little moisture required- which is to say: all over Merritt.

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A Yellow Headed Blackbird encountered around Kane Valley- never saw one till moving out here. They act like regular blackbirds; favoring the reeds around the shallow water.

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That's it for now...