BC Boat & Sportsmen's & BC Hunting Show at Tradex, Abbotsford, B.C.

Kind of a long title, eh?

I am posting some of the photos I took at the BC Boat & Sportsmen's & BC Hunting Show at Tradex, in Abbotsford, B.C. The bulk of the photos will be at my photography blog http://heidikoehler.blogspot.com/ but I thought some of them should be posted here as well. I'm not a hunter as of yet but I went to support my husband who was a paid seminar speaker and really enjoyed myself.

 It was a bit of a challenge getting good pictures as the lighting in a big venue like that is not stellar. There are basically two large structures joined together with a middle section where the concession is located. The ceilings are extremely high and there was a lot of mixed lighting and everything was crammed together and jam-packed with people and even a few animals like the predatory birds and hunting dogs.

I did a lot of filming with our new camcorder and took loads of photos. I particularly admired the work of some of the taxidermists at the venue. There are some incredibly talented people in that line of work. Many of the animals looked alive- not just simply 'life-like'.

As well there were many mounts that were simply brought in to enhance other exhibits. The wolverine I photographed for instance was part of a group of specimens that had been donated to Lethbridge College. This particular guy was actually missing a tiny bit of fur over his right eye which I filled in with software tools.

 This one coyote actually looked like someone's disgruntled pet sitting atop a boat- or a real-life Wylie Coyote!

 One particular wolf was so well done I decided to do something artistic with the background so as to showcase the animal even more rather than devote this entire blog post to taxidermy.

Kind of surprisingly there was a guy dressed in what at first looked like a sci-fi storm trooper but it turned out he was representing the Lower Mainland ATV club.

My husband will be doing another seminar this month in Kelowna so I'm looking forward to getting more new images particularly as next month I will be showcasing my work at a photography exhibit locally along with another photographer and a sculpter as well.

I also got to see my brother and his new place. He officially told me it's o.k. to post pictures of him online - he kind of surprised me with his understanding of using the internet as a marketing tool.

He is almost the spitting image of our dad- just a bit fairer in complexion. He kind of reminds me of a Rottweiler with the heavy chain and ever-present caribiner!


March- 2011

I've been busy with this and that the past month that I completely forgot to pick up my art at the Courthouse gallery! The two pictures I had in for the community art show are an abstract of a frosted over cactus photo and a painting of two dear in a snowy meadow against the backdrop of the Merritt hills. I'm afraid I'm cheaping out a bit with the imagery!

"The Cold Points"

"The Natives"

I've been more involved in getting photography organized, learning a new camcorder, and (after many attempts over the years) cataloging an old document archive that forms the basis of my family history study.

I will have more to say on the camcorder in my other blog: heidikoehler.blogspot.com once I've put it through a bit of a workout.