Trying To Write Every Day

Thats the thing, isn't it? You're expected to write something ever day...

I remember when this blogger thing first came up- you could comment in any person's blog- at least thats what I think I remember...now I see this little note that says 'no anonymous posting allowed' or something like that. Hmph. Whatta bunch of spoil-sports.

Oh well, here was my day: I coloured my hair for the first time in many years. Black. It had started to become a hobby to mindlessly pull out gray hairs at the ferry terminal and it was starting to become depressing. Thats all changed now- I'm looking a bit Asian but I like it!

Due to a small error yesterday that I won't go into I wound up shopping at a grocery store that I had all but given up on- their butter (Extra Foods) is almost 1.40 cheaper than where I have been buying it at SaveOn Foods. This is a big deal for us as we go through a LOT of butter. Coffee was also cheaper but despite this I am pretty loyal to SaveOn which is the cleanest, friendliest grocery with the best variety for my tastes. Extra Foods is a bit of a nightmare because it's such a huge box store.

I did the usual housework and then began reworking my web site. I got a new gallery up; Architechture and Gardens which is quite small, and am working on Urban and Transportation. All the current galleries are from photographs that I took in 2005- I have a HUGE archive of imagery to go through. I will share a couple of favorite photos from then and apologize about the overt watermarks- digital theft is a huge issue that I have unfortunately had to deal with and ugly watermarks are the only real deterrent to this kind of thing.

Bigger View
This photo was taken on a somewhat rainy day in a park in Fort Langley- when I remember the name I will include it here. I think swamps are beautiful but they don't always photograph well but this one turned out nice enough to enlarge and give to my brother as a gift. It's a typical shot of B.C., Canada- very wet!

We were living in Langley at the time and only moved to Maple Ridge in April. Maple Ridge is home of the mountains that we could see looking north in Langley and of course are much closer now.

Bigger View

It almost seems as if storms get caught up in The Golden Ears as they are called...it's actually a well known fact that the precipitation is greater here than just a few kilometers south. Oh well, small price to pay for having a frame filling view! I did find a good view point in Langley last winter to piece together a panorama for an informal competition- panoramas are composites of two or more images:

Bigger View- much bigger!


I also wrote a journal article at my main art site entitled Why I Provide Stock about the reasons why I provide stock and graphic resources on that site which is essentially free for amateur artists. I did this because, not for the first time, I have had a request to use personal photos as stock. I had to refuse the last person which was difficult since she is a friend.

The truth is that I hope to eventually make money off my personal photography by using it as paid for stock- I can't very well put other peoples wishes ahead of my own in this regard when there is no financial compensation in it for me. I provide stock pictures that are taken for the express purpose of allowing other people to use those pictures as stock and do not ever want to get put on the spot publicly which is what happened so I had to set the record straight on that.

And finally, to end todays post, I will include a link to what I consider my 'best' photographic work of the year. I got a note from a member of Swankland to submit a 'best of 2007' piece of art work. It was difficult to choose since I dabble in a lot of graphic fields!

Bigger View

This photo was taken about a month after moving to Maple Ridge. It's a barn just off the Harris Road and the shot was taken in the very early morning after I drove my husband to work. It was very much a shot of opportunity- I have never quite seen the same conditions again yet I know it's just a matter of time and the light can be even better. I only had my little Olympus just-under-5-mega-pixel camera with me (which I still adore to this day as it has an incredible lense for macros) and hopefully the next time the conditions are right I will have the Sony (Minolta) 10 mega-pixel digital SLR.


Anonymous said...

That last picture is by far my favorite of all your work that I have seen. I'm not sure what it is about that particular photo, but I just love it.

As for the Blogger thing, a lot of people are complaining about the change. It is very annoying.

Artemis - 12monthsOFwinter said...

Thank you Kristine! It was taken with my little digital camera.
Shame about the blogger people changing things- who wants to set up an account just to post? But then, I think thats the trend of the future. Bandwidth issues maybe...

The Hunters Wife said...

I agree with Kristine. It reminds me of being on the water fishing in the early, early morning hours.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Your photography is outstanding! I enjoy it very much. Absolutely stunning! Definitely something I will be back to see... I hope you continue to keep posting, your work is amazing.

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