First Photo Assignment

I was contacted by the editor of a Vancouver Newspaper to do some photography work for a reporter doing a story in Merritt. Needless to say I was pretty pleased!
I obviously enjoy photography among other interests in the graphics field so this is a really wonderful opportunity to put that passion to practical use. :) I won't say much more about this as it's a story yet to be written and the photographs I send them will be theirs to do with as they see fit but I still have plenty of other stuff to go on about!

Just for the fun of it take a guess what this is:

Bigger View Of Scary

On another subject, last weekend my cousin's hubby came out from the coast and he and Othmar went out to a lake called Tyner just north of Merritt to try the new boat out. I came along simply for the opportunity to photograph and hike but next time I think I would like to take that Barbie pink fishing rod along for the trip! It's kind of hard to see it but this skiff is 14 feet long...and moves along rather gracefully on the water:

First Sailing
Better and Bigger View

My best shot was some kind of Queen Anne's Lace type flower which I basically held up against the rays of a setting sun ( thats not cheating either- it's artistic! lol )
Rays On Tyner Lake
Bigger view - click on the picture or the 'download' link at left of page

And here's a picture from last month during a drive through town with hubby of a soon to be decommissioned ( for lack of better word ) beehive burner. These things were used to burn all the scruffy mess from the lumber mill operations but they're not exactly healthy to live around. This is one of the last in the province.

Beehive Burner
Yes, it's even bigger here!

Finally a picture/s from last week or thereabouts: the 'hoodoos' at Nicola Valley. This was composed of about 4 or 5 pictures collaged together since I was right at the base of the formation and couldn't quite capture the whole thing with the Olympus camera. There is another set of still more impressive hoodoos along the Coldwater River which I saw today- it's almost as if they stand guard on either side of Merritt!

This does deserve the bigger look. :)

I also want to point out the Outdoor Bloggers Summit to anyone who may come by these pages- this is a blog dedicated to outdoor pursuits of all kinds- from fishing and hunting to camping and nature appreciation. Its a growing blog that strives to promote an interest in outdoor pursuits of all kinds and blogging about it- check it out!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the flower against the sunset. Very pretty and artistic.

What is that first picture. It looks like some sort of jellyfish or something to me, but they don't have those in Canada, do they?

Artemis - 12monthsOFwinter said...

thanks Kristine :)
We do have jellyfish in the water off the coast actually- but this is definitely not in the water!
They're moths- they were swarming around one of the halogen lights of the wood mill- a few hundred thousand are not in the picture!

Anonymous said...

That's very cool. I would never have guessed that was what the picture showed.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Great post and pictures as usual.
I am very happy that you got the assignment. It’s obvious that the editor saw your talent. As your loving husband it warms my heart to see that your extraordinary talent and the hard work you put in it finally gets recognized.

We didn’t catch any fish on that virgin outing with the new boat. But you got a fish last Sunday when we took the boat on the Nicola Lake. Unfortunately, the fish jumped of the hook before you could land it. Nonetheless, it was your first fish and that Barbie pink rod works quite well.

Congratulations on both, the assignment and the first fish.