Well it's that time of year again when Merritt's Mountain Music Fest rolls around. It runs from July 9th to 12th.
Too expensive for us so hubby (who is doing a lot better a month after the 5 day nosebleed ) and I opted to walk around downtown Merritt and check out the vendors instead. There was a great stall selling hats and purses made with real cow hide. The lady told me she was out of Kelowna and makes the stuff herself but I just checked the address and it's American...oh well- we're so behind the times here western fashion-wise! That's Just Bull has great stuff regardless.
A pleasant surprise was Ridley Bent doing a free mini concert downtown- I took a nice picture while he was singing Heartland Heartbreak.

Bigger View at DA
Later on I went to Kamloops to find packaging and photo mats for my art work and got a pretty good deal on that...one of my panoramics is on the back cover of the official Merritt Tourist guide; this one:

Bigger View at DA
A portion of that image was also used for a local commerce publication.
I just finished a Star Trek portrait; Koval. I obviously struggle with colour but thought I would share anyway:

Bigger View at DA
Over at the Official Star Trek site you can figure out who all these alien characters are- lol.
The new movie was awesome by the way in case I never mentioned it before. :)

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