The Year is almost over

The year is almost over.
Had a great Christmas. Hubby and I went to my sister’s place on the coast ( the Coquihalla highway was in good shape ) and basically pigged out and drank lots of alcohol. Not common for me but I could do this because we stayed overnight. My brother was there as well as a bunch of my sister’s friends. My sister set a great table and atmosphere- I can’t remember having such a nice time in a long while. We gave each other little gifts and yakked all evening, watched sci-fi and had fun cruising on Google Earth to see our old childhood homes. That, strangely enough, was not too sad!
Got a stuffed animal from my brother ( he got one for Othmar too!) and a Chia pet from my sis plus loads of German chocolate and cookies she bought from Kase Karl as we know the deli in Vancouver.
John of all people was quite a conversationalist about Trek canon which surprised me.

Lieschen's cat Bunzala :) ( Dusty )

Cut the smoking habit by half. No more cream in my coffee. Hubby started a new job. Ice fishing derby in a couple of weeks. Resolution to get more art and photography out there. A zillion slides to scan and photos to organize as well as Ebay or Craigslist a bunch of things I’ve been hanging onto for way to long. Getting in touch with people I wish I hadn’t lost touch with. Yay for social networking sites!

A picture I finished:

Bigger view at DA

Yes, I am a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay. :)
Something funny I heard about on the news today – a gadget for guys: a bottle opener/dog collar. Yup. It’s called
‘Bark for Beer.’
Amazing it took so long for someone to come up with something like this commercially! Well that's it for this year I guess.

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