Well the Olympics are over and done with- my visit to Vancouver last Sunday with my brother was quite a patriotic experience. There's been so much mention about how we Canadians aren't very overt about our national pride but the games really changed that.

The Cauldron

People really were singing Oh Canada in the streets, climbing atop the bus shelters, using hockey sticks for flagpoles and generally screaming, shouting and whistling from all directions. After the hockey game ended the cacophony of sound from car horns was almost deafening in the downtown- we escaped it for a bit in the German beer garden and watched some of the closing ceremonies right there on a big screen TV. Everyone got up to sing the national anthem I might add.
Coming back through the sky train station about 500 people coming up the escalator high-fived all of us going down it and to say that people were exuberant would be a massive understatement.

Took lots of photos of course, in particular of the cauldron and the street madness as well as a few movies on my little camera. I really have never seen so many people on the street- not even in Guangzhou where crowds are common everyday…but then this was the Olympics and we sure did well!

Pictures are up at my web and besides licensing my regular photos for stock I also sell prints of my work. Check out the galleries if you are looking for art or stock. On a more sentimental note the WCA galleries that are online are slowly getting updated. The reference pictures will be chronologically replaced by larger images as scanning of original negatives is completed. Funny seeing pictures that I haven’t seen in over a decade because I sold the first prints at the time (I’m looking at YOU Sherri!) and how we all had less wrinkles…lol.

Community art show coming up in a couple of months as well as a gallery showing of my photos along with Anne Roberts and Jack Pickins…more on that later. :)

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