Hot Weather

Fire season again...in Lillooet and Kamloops and the smoke comes and visits Merritt. I thank God that there don't seem to ever be fires here- I feel really bad for the folks in those areas that have this issue chronically.

It's very hot now. Almost in the 40's and I'm glad we got a little bit of rain today- actually I'm not sure Merritt got any but the Shulus area did- we were at the shooting range today where Othmar and Richard were planning out a new target course for the archery buffs and I was gathering wild herbs and testing out my new camera.

I will write more about that later but will say for now that it's the Sony A330 which is my new main camera so that I have a backup. Can't call myself a professional without backup so not only did I shell out for a new camera but also new batteries and memory card since OF COURSE Sony decided not to allow for backwards compatibility.

The focus is on heat:

If it wasn't for logging there would be even more wood to burn I suppose: this machine was picking up felled trees and just ripping the bark off- took less than a minute per tree...

There was an article in the paper about the man who collects glass conductors...I went past his house recently and took this shot:

If I had set these out a few hours earlier they would have been perfectly dried but as it was I finished them in the food dehydrator:

This is where everyone should be on a weekend like this even if they can't swim! Taken in at Whiterock, B.C. earlier this month. ( I wonder why they call it that? lol)

There is something wrong with this statue- I think the torso came from another piece altogether- lol! A little bit ugly and very rustily naked but still it's o.k. in my book! Also taken earlier this month between Hope and Chilliwack, B.C. They sell all kinds of statuary and fancy gates, wrought iron, etc.
Very amusing a lot of it. :)

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