Tomato Review

I thought I would share my opinions on the tomatoes I currently have growing in my garden. I'm pleased with all of them except for one but despite that I plan on saving seed from all of them.

Christmas Grapes: I got this as a little plant from a friend who I believe got it from someone else...anyway, these are fantastic. Bright orange, juicy, and possibly I'm imagining it- a fruitier flavour than regular tomatoes. Unfortunately they are in a planter rather than the ground- I'm sure I would have had way more fruit.

I have a a Rutgers, a Cherry, a Rainbow Blend and one other growing in a planter. They were grown from seed from the dollar store and I had very little success - these are survivors and unfortunately the wind took the label from one of them so I don't know what kind it will be.
The weather is very harsh in Merritt. While we have loads of sun we also have a lot of wind- it can be quite brutal to little plants just starting out. Next year I will start all my plants indoors to avoid loosing so many and wasting time. These are all still green so I don't have much to say beyond that except that they are now growing vigorously despite the tangled looking mess.

The following were purchased as little seedlings to compensate for the misery of so few from seed surviving:

100 Sweet: It is sweet- really delicious. I didn't realize tomatoes could actually taste sweet like this- I used to think that it was a marketing gimmick!

Roma: Still green but looking good. It's a bush type and looks like it will produce a lot of fruit.

Sugar Snack: even sweeter than the 100 Sweet! My favorite so far.

Lemon Boy: Haven't tried it yet- the label indicates it will be yellow coloured which will look interesting in a salad.

Health Kick: Didn't taste particularly special - like a typical tomato. It has produced abundantly however. In fact, it was probably the first plant that put out fruit.

Early Girl: Haven't tried it yet and there was nothing early about it. It put out fruit rather late actually.

Cupid: Disappointing compared to the other two. it could be that I'm used to those little ones tasting so sweet so this almost 'store bought' taste is probably not as bland as I really think. Maybe.

I also have 3 tomato plants that were germinated from 2005 seed from my mother. I don't expect to see any fruit from them because after waiting a week for them to sprout and seeing nothing I had thrown them out...only to find that they HAD sprouted almost two months later. Just planted them out of sentimentality.

I also have what looks like a cherry tomato that I got as a gift from an old Italian a few blocks away. I was in great admiration of his garden and later on my husband and I talked to him and he showed us the property across from him which he also owns and where he has planted about 100 tomato plants! Beans, cabbages, herbs,...tons of stuff that he cans for winter.

His plant was just a little bit behind in producing fruit from the fastest but it was also not receiving quite as much sunshine. The first tomato I plucked from it was somewhat deformed. I'm not going to say what it reminded me of. :)

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