Oktoberfest and Computer Woes

Fun stuff! Pics from the Oktoberfest fund raising dinner hosted by Knights of Columbus in Merritt which I attended with my husband...there was Schnitzel, Bratwurst, rotkohl, weiskohl (red - YUMMY- and white cabbage), kartoffeln (potatoes), gravy, spaetzlie- I don't know how to even spell that- it's like a flour pasta that's hand cut but they kind of cheated by putting it through a meat grinder to get it to form shapes and used wholewheat flour (oops!). Also baked pretzels and Black Forest cake for desert!
Only sad part was not having Bill there. I'm sure he would have attended. But despite that it was really fun- who can resist oomphah musik? I even danced once- lol

Knights of Columbus Fund-raising Oktoberfest Dinner- as a panorama.

Our brave and fearless leader Mayor Rolene pouring the 'first' beer from the tap.

Germans love their hats adorned with isignia from their home regions and clubs.

Traditional German dress for men consists of white shirt, suspenders and lederhosen (leather pants that usually end above the knees), wooly socks...and beer!

German/Cowboy crossover style! German women's traditional dress is usually a snug laced vest over a feminine blouse and a skirt past the knees with a fancy apron. The whole ensemble is called a Dirndl Kleid.

Celtic Elf style posing with a beer whilst selling pretzles!

German Oompah band from Chilliwack- sorry I can't remember the name guys!

Due to changes within our local art club I am finally updating our groups online presence. Unfortunately there is a stall on that front because of some ruckus in our membership so I won't bother linking to anything just yet which is just as well- I've spent enough time on it and the members need to see printed stuff.
Topping it off I had a bizarre thing happen to my computer yesterday- 2 partitions just disappeared. 1 of them had my whole photo collection. I was a bit panicked at first but was relatively sure my pre-backup was up-to-date. Just confirmed that today but wasted a whole day yesterday trying to retrieve the partitions AND figure out what happened.

I felt sure I had been hacked somehow because this happened to my photo collection- my livelihood you could say- and the partition that held that data was neat as a pin and super well organized. The other missing partition was literally something I just kept around as a separate area for fiddling with websites and what not.

After some hours of looking at the state of damage I think that this doesn't really look like a targeted hack after all- that didn't stop me from spending a few hours dwelling on just how low a life of a loser a hacker must have; mean-spirited, no doubt friendless or whose only friends are similarly pathetic and disgusting.

More and more this is looking like: a. Hard drive failure (which I doubt) or b. Re-installation of the printer driver the night before had done some kind of drastic damage...if that is the case (and I am starting to think it is) then how is having logical partitions on the main drive useful at all? I understood that data retrieval is quicker on the partitions closest to C but is that all it's good for? I only think the reinstall of a hardware's driver (a small necessary program) might be at fault because a Microsoft website implies that this is possible based on the error message-if I'm reading that correctly.

You know on the old fashioned record players when the needle hits a tiny speck and skitters across the whole platter leaving a scratch? Now you have a crackling bit of sound on every song that fell under the scratch...the little bit of space between songs was no barrier to the needle.

I think it's something like that with the hard drive. Whatever. I often go to Major Geeks for answers to my questions. Need to figure out how to get the space lost from the absence of those drives back.

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