Shana - a Film in Lower Nicola.

From the set of 'Shana - The Wolf's Music'. This movie was filmed for the most part in Lower Nicola and features a lot of local talent. I originally went to the set with my husband to show support for local events/doings and saw a lot of people I knew. Now looking at the photos I recognize other people who have since appeared in the talent show that went on in Merritt this past summer.
We had great weather fortunately and filming lasted into the evening. There had been a call for people to come out to be extras and I was surprised at how few people could find the time to do so but it has to be said people were busy getting the most out of their summer and the production people were trying to be low key about the whole thing. When we arrived they were asking people to call up friends to come down to the set...my husband and I actually became extras kind of out of empathy.
I would rather have taken more photos but we had to hide our cameras and water bottles when the cameras were rolling because the director didn't want it to look touristy I guess. In any case, it was still fascinating to see the workings behind a film production in this way. I know a little about the plot but won't say much because that's for the producers distribution team to take care of!
It's nice that our area is becoming more known in the filming world for locations and talent...I'm looking forward to seeing the film when it's eventually released.
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