Art and Photography

by Heidi Koehler

I had some drawings up at the last art show in Merritt - mostly bird portraits that I was very pleased with. I was on a real roll with drawing and I will include fine art along with photography when I promote myself. Drawing was a big part of my life for many years and it's a good time to promote that as well as my photography Services.

I had 6 marker drawings, 1 of which was painted with dyes, and one black and white portrait at the Courthouse show last month.

Speaking of which I attended the first art in the garden at Baillie House this year - the first year it was decided to have art in the garden once a month (approximately). There is a strong focus on garden wares for sale; glass garden ornaments (whimsies) and hand crafted outdoor art.

My first set up at Art in the garden at Baillie House in Merritt.

Next door is the farmers market where you can buy for the most part organic produce, home baked goods etc. This month art in the garden at Baillie House will be July 20th and I plan to be there.

My husband keeping an eye on the tables at Art In The Garden at Baillie House in Merritt, B.C.

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