Merry Christmas

Well, the holidays are here. I've finished my shopping, given most of my presents, done my baking (with my sister for the first time in our lives- it was fun actually) and now just have to decide if I really am done or not! lol

I've managed to make a blog and web roll (together since I don't want to clutter the page) and kept my own links separate.

And finally, Othmar decided to tag me with the theme 'What I do when I’m not working' which I will answer after the holidays I guess. I hope anyone who comes across this blog has a great Christmas, or whatever holiday you are celebrating around this time. :)

My photo for the season- Mount Baker in Washington State which is viewable from all over the lower mainland of B.C. is one of my favorite landscape subjects. I took this particular picture last year at this time.

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The Hunter's Wife said...

Happy Holidays to you as well.

I still have to work on my meme from Othmar. I hope to post next week.