The Pattern And Doll Maker

I got a bit lazy about writing but I got a few things done these past two days.
I finally found a java script that works in both the major browsers that allowed me to get my interactive dress up doll online! I had to rework the code a bit but it works now so if anyone has a secret desire to play with a doll then here you go- but be forewarned: she has no face and rather obvious boobies! lol
Dress the dolly!

Now, on to the patterns!

This is not just about Photoshop patterns although that figures into what I'm doing in a big way. A proper digital pattern is cleverly made to repeat seamlessly when it's used as a web page background. For instance, if you took the image of the little square at the upper right and saved it to your hard drive via a right click, you could use it as a background for your desktop; when you right click on the desktop you get the tabs that let you customize your computer. Under the 'Desktop' tab you can browse to the little square, and choose to 'tile' it. It will make a nice, easy on the eyes kind of background. (If you use XP you can do this directly from the web rather than saving it to the hard drive first. )
Of course you can choose other ones! Here: Plenty more little squares

But getting back to Photoshop patterns: seamless tiles are essentially the idea behind them. What Photoshop allows you to do essentially is 'paint' with them. (In my carny days we used to tell annoying children to find us some 'checkered paint' to send them on a wild goose chase. Of course, now there really is such a thing as checkered paint! lol lol lol)

In the program Illustrator the same concept exists although the tiles are not 'bitmapped' (limited in size). Illustrator, like Corel Draw, is a vector based drawing program and most of the art and design work created in these programs is theoretically scalable to limitless dimensions. Also, the style of vector work is much crisper- even 'cartoonish' if you prefer.

To get to the point, I like making seamless tiles. I have an affinity for symmetry. What can I say; everyone needs a hobby. People who aren't into graphics applications may think this is kind of nuts but anyone who needs a unique pattern to paint with will understand.
Naturally I have more of these things at 12monthsOFwinter at Deviant Art
I'm planning on making the vector based patterns available on my web site (for sale) and just have to figure out what resolution to offer them at. 100 pixels square isn't printable. What you see on the monitor needs to be at least 3 X bigger in order to actually see that pattern print on paper which is why I don't generally post anything over that size. I discovered there is a demand for patterns (having been ripped off on them by various websites) so maybe it's time I tried to really market them myself.


And here are my 'pictures of the day' so to speak; I took this one in the spring of last year. It's a chickadee having a little snack from the bird feeder. I was doing the same thing here at the new place but eventually gave up as the squirrels just got to be to much. They got at every feeding scenario I set up and believe me, I got pretty inventive. There simply is no substitute for having a cat (sorry dog) and at the old place there were 3 of them.

Bigger View

The photo of this little rascal was taken almost exactly a year later. Him and his brothers, sisters, cousins and other misbegotten relations were so charming in the beginning- like a welcome wagon had arrived. They were so polite only eating what would fall out of the feeder but then they got greedy.
I started practicing with my slingshot on account of them. Yup.

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Anonymous said...

We have black squirrels around here and I think they're so cute. I know they're pests, and that they eat out of people's bird feeders, but they're still so cute!

Don't know why I think the black ones are cuter than the brown ones but I do. Maybe I think that because I see the black ones less often.

Artemis - 12monthsOFwinter said...

lol, ya, they're cute alright- absolutely adorable which is why I took pictures of them!
Then they started knocking down the feeder- and in the late summer they totally stripped our hazelnut tree. That was what really turned me against them. But they sure still do look cute. :)