January Blahs...


Bigger View< - a bit blurry! lol

It rained tons all week and today the sun came out in a wimpy kind of way for a few hours this afternoon. I did yardwork- the leaf blower got a real workout, some stuff got pulled out of the shed to get rid of, and I ditched all the dahlia tubers that I had stored inside. Unfortunately the damp got to them- kind of my fault as I hadn't powdered them in fungicide like last year- but I learned a lot from the whole experience of plant propagation in this way. Dahlia Culture is the site that gave me the confidence to propagate dahlias in the first place- very successfully I might add. ) I also tore out the sweet pea vines from the front of house, dumped out some unsuccessful plants, and used the leaf blower at full blast to tidy up the place a bit. Then I rooted though the shed to find some things I wanted to get rid of at the thrift store.

By the way, if you right click the image of the birds you can save a seamless tile to your hard drive...something for the kids!

That big Rottweiler stuffy that I won a few years ago at the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) shooting at the machine gun gallery finally found a new home. (I used to run that game for quite a few years on West Coast Amusements so I had a bit of practice under my belt- I was caught by Jim but he let me have it anyway :) ) I tried selling that dog on Ebay to learn a bit about how the site works but I just don't have the patience for it. I've got enough to learn with this blogger thing and all the other neato gizmo's you can hook it up with. (A thanks to my dear husband for that!)

I spend the last few days putting some galleries up on my website. It sounds so simple when I put it like that! lol I got some eye strain from dealing with all those massive tables. I've decided that 40 - 50 images per page is probably the maximum I should go...but of course I don't always abide by my own rules!
The 'Textures' gallery is a good example; 58 images.
The 'Rodeo' gallery has only 13 however, and the 'Zoo' gallery has 18. I wish I had more photos in these two galleries, particularly the animals at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. These last two are specific events but most of the other galleries have had the images selected out of the best of 2005. More or less. I've also decided to post a bit of commentary on the specifics of events even though it may not be particularly flattering to some people. *cough* Cloverdale Rodeo *cough*

Calories for the eyes...

Editing is the most difficult decision when going through huge archives of photos- and I've just decided that instead of breaking up the 'Flowers' folder into colours (the web site at the current time still indicates this) I will try to do a massive edit of ALL the flower pictures of 2005 in 2 separate galleries. I'm trying to showcase the best that I have to offer the stock world working chronologically forward from that year. (this does not obviously include the 'scans' galleries.)

But- on to another subject in my ramblings this evening: The Mission Gun Club. I got a membership (spouse) so I could come along if I wanted to. (Othmar encouraged me too of course- I know he's hoping I will take up shooting eventually if not hunting).

Notice the odd angle...

An amusing anecdote was related to me by one of the staff of the club. Evidently the-powers-that-be thought that the range's line of site came too close to taking out a chunk of Mission (this is an exaggeration of course) so told the club that they had to shift the range over by a certain amount of degrees- I'm afraid I can't recall the exact number but you can see that the benches are all on the edge of the wedge shaped concrete that was laid down (and roofed) to comply with the ruling. ( The area immediately to the right of the white posts is the new part.)
One has to wonder what the original recommendations were based on since the area hasn't changed in something like 30 years. I mean, theres a mountain for a backstop!! lol

Lefty. :)

Well thats about it for now. My trigger finger is itchy to shoot something. People who hunt animals are better off than people who hunt out a view to capture...they don't have to let the weather stop them. lol


Anonymous said...

That is a very odd angle. Weird. Sounds like you had a full day. You'll have to let us know when you try shooting. I tried it for the first time this summer, and I'm anxious to get some more practice under my belt.

You should give it a try. I bet Othmar would be a great teacher.

Artemis - 12monthsOFwinter said...

Kristine: I should have mentioned that the range thing was last month...I didn't have too much to write recently beyond car troubles with the old Dodge...and I thought it might be interesting to the hunting crowd to see our local range.
I'm sure I would enjoy shooting with a light enough gun- I spent enough years on the carnival shooting for fun!