Resolution And Wine

By resolution I'm talking about pixels not promises!
I've been meaning to send a print to a special person of one of my favorite photos which was taken with my old camera- the little Olympus digital as opposed to the 10 mega-pixel Sony/Minolta Alpha.

I did a lot of reading about the camera before I bought it a few years ago and from the information deduced that while I could get an excellent print at 5x7 inches it would be an iffy proposition to get 8x10 unless the person in the lab knew what they were doing. In fact, I actually did have 2 8x10s printed from other photos I had taken that turned out rather nice ( "Swamp" being one of them ) but I assumed that there had been some luck involved...this was stupid thinking- not delving into the reasons why those pictures turned out so well. It was stupid because I was under a false belief these past two years that the limit for the camera was a 'lucky' 8x10.

So, getting back to the gift photo, I took the file to the local lab and when I picked the photo up (two 5x7s ) I found they had partially cropped out the black frame I had added. The crop occurred only on two sides. I was told that they couldn't do it as I asked- leave the whole frame intact- yet I know damn well that they could have done it by bypassing the software that controls the printing process. This is the problem with regular labs. I paid for the prints, tried cropping them at home and they looked horrible because what they had left of the frame was so skinny and even tho I matched it up the unevenness of my hand showed. (I have a cutting machine but I slipped up with that- on both photos I was so angry)

In disgust I decided to get the photo redone. (My, this is quite the rant! ) I went to London Drugs this time which has a really comprehensive lab. (And in our neck of the woods is the best camera retailer outside of a camera store- also the only large retailer that still sells second hand cameras. )I brought the file in as a .tiff (not a .jpeg) and told the clerk what I wanted- please print it out on an 8x10 paper to get the frame intact. She told me it should be on 8x12 and to put it through the automated machine which I did and come back the next day.
The next day I came back and collected the photo from a different clerk and was kind of blown away- the photo had been printed as an 8x12 - not 5x7 on 8x12 paper. IT WAS STUNNING! I always thought that my camera wouldn't allow for that size of picture to be printed at quality level!
I was so excited that I almost left the store before realizing that the frame had been cropped out! lol
I explained to the girl and she said they would do a do-over. The next day I returned to pick it up from the clerk who had originally taken my order and she was surprised about why the mistake had happened. (it happened because she told the lab worker through the window about the specifies of my order rather than write it on a slip of paper to attach to the order - something to remember folks!) The new photo had been printed out a tad smaller on an 8x12 sheet and had the entire frame intact.
I wasn't charged for the second print since I had paid for the goofed one. I then went looking for a matte but the only ones that fit my format (that I could find) were round, not square- and of course only fit on the first photo- not the corrected one with the frame and signature built in...Oh well. :)

My photo of the day shot with my new camera- a very lucky capture:

Bigger view- this goes to my print shop at DA

I have had a tooth ache for the last 3 days which is leading to headaches. I will be seeing a dentist pretty soon about this if it continues...but I fear dentists. *cries pitifully*

I discovered on the third day of the tooth ache that wine takes the pain away...literally only one small glass! How pleasant- much better than a rinse of diluted topical peroxide! *laughs her head off*
I'm not a big drinker but I do like wine and we have a big bottle of it from Christmas so that gives me time to find a good dentist!


Othmar Vohringer said...

Love that picture of the black bear. Wine, as most alcohol, consumed in moderation does have medicinal properties such as controlling pain among others.


The Hunter's Wife said...

Nice picture of the bear. I have to say I have never ever had a toothache so I can't imagine that pain. But I will keep in mind wine helps if I ever do get one.

Anonymous said...

Go to the dentist! I've been putting off going to the doctor even though the virus I had wasn't disappearing. Now I am really sick and feel awful. I'm seeing the doctor tonight. The moral is, don't wait until you absolutely have to go.

Though I have to say, I could use some wine right about now. Although, given I'm already feeling a bit loopy, it could make things much worse.

I'm with Othmar, I love the picture of the bear.

Artemis - 12monthsOFwinter said...

ov: as you know, it could only go so far! lol

hw: I simply can not imagine a person who has never suffered the pain of a tooth ache! You must have excellent teeth!

k: I went. I cried. I recuperate. I sure hope you are feeling better soon- it's human nature to procrastinate these things I guess...:(