Snow In The Forecast...

Snow is being forecast for 5 days beginning on Friday...horrible news for us who generally don't get much snow to begin with so this will be a lot...I managed to get one shot of the most spectacular sunrise I have seen in months although of course it was a street shot.

My philosophy on taking pictures when time is your enemy: Get the shot first. Don't try to find a perfect location if you know your window of opportunity is only about 10 to 15 minutes and you have to drive to get a 'view'.
That sunrise this morning was the perfect example. I was not expecting anything at all when I first took the dog for a walk but once I approached the corner and saw the sky clearly it was decision making time: doggies walk got cut a bit short and I grabbed my stuff as quickly as I could. I really only had about 5 certain minutes of gorgeous lighting- I knew this when I approached the intersection and hauled the camera out to get the shot.
I'm glad I did because the drive afterwards never got me in a position to capture the sky again in that light so at least I have one record of that moment rather than none.

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On the subject of taking care of one's teeth: I had my second and hopefully last bad tooth extracted this morning. What remains now is some new fillings but that will be next month. Fortunately the first extraction has healed enough that I can eat properly on one side...ha ha. What misery. :(
But, sooner out, sooner healed up. And- because I was up so early I did get to see that beautiful sky...and even found a huge blue heron on the side of the road trying hard to stay warm in the frosty grass who very ungraciously let himself be photographed. So thats how I'm ending this post...hope everyone is in good health or at least warm. :)

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The Hunter's Wife said...

Glad to hear your filling better.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you went to the dentist. That's a good thing.

Love the sunrise shot, and the shot of the little huddled down bird. He does look a bit peeved doesn't he?

Othmar Vohringer said...

I am glad you went to see the dentist, seeing you every day in pain was painful to me. I love the pictures. Every morning when I drive to work in the frigid cold I feel a bit like the big heron in that picture. lost in a frozen landscape.