There was a another fire in Merritt yesterday on Granite Avenue not to far from us. It started in one house and the neighbor's house caught fire from it. I think the third house east also sustained damage but I haven't been by there today to check.
My husband went outside yesterday afternoon and said there was black smoke coming up from east of the mill so I suggested we walk there.
The fire truck was already there but it was a lost cause for the first house. Most of the flames were coming from the back ( and there is no lane between the lots ) and since everything is tinder dry the fire was just to powerful.
At one point you could see that it was a lost cause and they were trying to keep the house west from catching alight.
We walked around the block but couldn't see much more other than most of the nearby neighbors had hauled out their garden hoses and were wetting down their walls.
Just a week ago Merritt's Walk Of Stars building in town caught fire- still don't know what the cause of that was.

Fire is an awful thing.
The worst thing actually because it's completely destructive not to mention dangerous.
That one house is a write off based on what I saw.
I don't understand why houses are allowed to be built so close together. I think there's about 10 feet between my next door neighbors house east of us because the homes are laid out the same way. With the way the wind blows here if our house caught fire it's a sure bet that theirs would catch it too- unlike the neighbor west of us because his house is laid out differently. I think some of the town houses in Langley are even closer together. Scary.

Edit: I went by there today and it looks as if only 2 house were damaged; the first one is a blackened shell and the second one's entire roof is gone- the whole top floor ruined. The second house is ( was ) a duplex so 3 families lost their homes.

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