Fall Fair

I submitted photos and art at the fall fair in Merritt yesterday.
I wanted to last year but wasn't really ready and now that I am I realize that this will probably be the only year I do submit photos...I'm trying to turn my photography into a totally professional thing and by this time next year that's where I plan to be.
What I put in are basically favorite pictures from the last 2 years plus my 3 best panos which are labors of love...if nothing else people will hopefully get to know my work by site if not by name since the names are covered up! I believe judging was sometime this afternoon; can't remember if they show the names when the fair is open.

I've still got a ways to go to updating my stock gallery; I've been spending a lot of time updating my new site which consists of collections of images from my 'film' days, particularly the years I spent on the carnival. Those pictures are basically a catalog for ex-carnies to check out and buy prints.
The next collection will be the photos I took in China- loads of animals, flowers, macros and so forth. There are a lot of pictures in there that I'm particularly proud of but I shudder at the amount of work that's looming on my horizon...

On a totally different subject my first attempts at vegetable gardening have been quite successful. Lettuce seed I got from my friend Sally did incredibly well, a rejected tomato plant put out a dozen tomato, 7 kohlrabi also did well, and the one plant I actually bought- a grape- is doing phenomenally. I made sure the lettuce had some shade and the grape got plenty of sun...
I also baked my first ever pie yesterday ( lemon meringue ) which tasted shockingly good so I made another one today with Bavarian creme filling I bought from Cooper's. I found a u tube video that some guy had shot of his mom baking a lemon meringue pie and followed that to the letter- no, that's a lie- I used lard instead of Crisco which I know is animal fat as opposed to vegetable.

One sour note today was a clogged drain downstairs. We were worried that there might have been a clog originating from the outside because we had two days of very heavy rainfall ( unusual for Merritt ) but it turned out to be on our end...that drain must not have been cleaned in the last 2-3 years. Disgusting. I suggested to my husband that we use the shop vacuum cleaner ( a gift from the car dealership which turned out to be worth it's weight in gold today ) and with that and a screw on the end of a 5 foot wooden closet rod we got the crud out. Did I say disgusting? Oh yes, it was far beyond that...still, we managed to avoid calling a plumber for which I'm really happy. It isn't so much forking over the money for one ( which is bad enough ) but the theft of time as you wait around for them to show up.

Well, that's it for now. Next time I write it will probably be a rant about television commercials I hate...seriously, I love dissecting advertising and I've got a few choice words for some of those advertisers.

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CDGardens said...

Congratulations on your photo awards.

I must agree with your opinion about tv ads.
I am to the point where I simply ignore most commercials. When it comes to pharmaceutical company ads I like to sit and analyze why you shouldn't take that pill.