Garden progress

I should post pics of the garden now that we've reworked the potato patch...had plants cramped in too much but now everything is in straight lines.
Tomatoes are doing great, cucumbers have recovered.
Corn is pathetic. Don't know what happened- only 12 came up plus 4 others from a later seeding project. Maybe the crows/ravens? Bad seed?
Carrots are coming along nicely as are garlics...I have heard different things about planting times for garlics (and onions) but since I'm a first time gardener I 'what the hell, why not try it?' quite a bit.
Peas are doing awesome...spinach and cabbage less so as they were planted late...over a bed that had pepper seeds planted in it which only now have decided to make a showing- after I had given up and bought pepper plants- which are stunning. Leafy, green- don't known if they will produce peppers in our climate but we shall see! If nothing else they are great for greenery-lol.
Onions are growing as is Swiss chard. Broccoli is producing like no tomorrow. Beans were a huge disappointment. Fortunately I have the ones that sprouted from the germination project to fill things out and a few beans in the back plot although I don't know how well they will ultimately do. Have some more seeded indoors for another what-the-hell.
Lots of beets coming up although they had started poorly.
Potatoes are the pride and joy- doing phenomenally.

Trees and flowers: The gladiolas are coming up betwixt the cedars. 46 out of 49 planted- not bad. The cedars themselves look a lot healthier and it's probably because they are retaining more moisture due to the cover we put on the ground (bark mulch that we collected from a slash pile from the logging works!) Calendulas will flower soon as well so there will finally be some colour there.
My twisted willow saplings have almost crapped out. Shame. Loads of poppies awaiting bloom- columbines did super well from seed - quite unplanned. Lot of the wildflower mix seeds will soon flower as well.

Berry bushes are doing fine plus the heat loving plants nearby.
Sunflowers are EVERYWHERE.
Planters out front are doing great.
Herb pots are doing super except for lemon basil which has almost crapped out.

In the back plot are the other beans, loads of radishes, 3 kinds of salad...good stuff. In a sheltered box of earth are bird house gourds, squash, more seeded salads.
Grape has little grape clusters started; cantaloupes made a bit of a recovery.
In yet another plot are the nettles (brilliant), second stage salads (almost decimated by local cat) and still another plot has strawberry's which are also doing well.
Compost heap is rebuilt and getting sifted for soil- long story.

I scrounged/scavenged lots of free and nearly free lumber in preparation for next years garden. Probably raised beds and a proper cold frame fitted to the plastic lined frames I built. I literally packed the back of the Compass to the roof with low grade two by fours- twice in two days.

Wow. I said a lot. I will have to update this post with pictures. To tired tonight even to cook however. McDonalds got our money.

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