A Will and A Way

I had been struggling with wonky html editors for more than 2 years because since version 8 of IE Notepad couldn't edit Explorer web pages when I found out that it could be forced to do so thru some obscure command called 'Developer Tools'.

I had looked for help on this before but none of the tricks had worked till yesterday I found the answer. Stupid Microsoft programmers are the tools that need developing since it doesn't even occur to them that the only people who look for these commands are computer geeks (who will find it) or WEBMASTERS- duh!- who will first say WTF???!!!, Look for help, get impatient, and use the next best thing to get the job done.
Why couldn't they have just put 'Choose source editor' under the View menu???!!! No, you have to go thru:

Developer Tools...
(you are now in ugly editor)
Customize Internet Explorer View Source>
Default, Notepad, Other...browse for it.

Seriously, once Firefox gets it's act together for html coding I am SO ditching this stupid IE.

3 examples of "Where there's a will there's a way":

I didn't think it would come up. About 2 weeks ago I dug into the soil and found that the corn had indeed started to make that journey into the word above. Some would say I am impatient and that would be true but I am also concerned in that I made a mistake as I am a first time (veggie) gardener. A lot of work and still only 12 out of about 36 corn came up so I was somewhat justified but proud at the same time.

I have only found nettles in one place around Merritt and actually it's rather far away. Dilemma. What to do. Last summer I gathered nettles on the coast, brought them home to dry and at the bottom of the trash bag were all these...seeds. Hmmm....could it work? I split the seeds (thousands of them) over two plots and the this spring the one with the better soil erupted with something like 200-300 nettle seedlings! Ha Ha! (Those who grow nettles know why they're doing it- look it up online if you're curious)

My beans are a disappointment- the yellow wax beans. of which there were possibly a dozen in the packet, gave forth only 2 seedlings. I suspect the crows ate the other ones ...I didn't have the heart to dig around and check to make certain. But because I'm sentimental I decided to see if any of the seeds that Mama had kept could be germinated. I wasn't optimistic about the beans of all things- all of the seeds I had from her were gathered in 2005 from her own stock and had gone thru several moves. But suffice it to say some of the 5 year old beans were viable and the ones in the photo pictured here have been transplanted into the garden.

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