Pie, Gardening, and Printing

I started a garden last month. My husband framed up the beds which are a cross between raised and in ground- essentially it's structured to keep the water from evaporating before it actually gets into the ground.

I decided to draw my front garden.
I suppose we could have dug it right into the ground but there's just so much rock just down underneath it's not funny. Now it's June and stuff is starting to show in that garden which is a learning experience for me...I will have plenty to say about it in my next post but for now I want to mention that if you have never had rhubarb and strawberry pie you don't know what your missing.
A neighbor's rhubarb grows out of control each year and a couple of weeks ago I decided to harvest what was growing outside of the fence.

processing rhubarb
My mother used to mix rhubarb with strawberry for making jam but I decided to try it as pie filling since I now know how to make pies. :)
OMG it was delicious. Never realized it would be so good because the jam I remembered was more tart than sweet. Definitely something everyone should try!

Closeup of pie- yum!
The weather lately has been ghastly- non stop rain it seems like. It's just like Vancouver! The only good thing is that the newly seeded lawn needs less watering from me since Mother Nature has been so generous with the precipitation.
Lilacs are almost finished in Merritt. I will miss the scent- a shame you can't get that smell in a garden flower!

Lilacs In Lane
I mentioned in my previous post that I sold a small original art work- I decided to post a picture my husband took of me standing with some of the others that I had in the community art show.

tee hee! Artemis - 12monthsOFwinter
I'm shopping my photography around with a fresh start and have decided that my niche is- or will be- western themed. I have a very diverse portfolio of work but it's really time to focus on what I do well that is relevant to this location- cowboys, horses, heritage, landscapes. That and portraiture...I just finished a photo shoot last week and enjoyed it and hope to get more work of that kind.
Shopping for a new print shop as well to handle large format photos...there's a promising place in Kamloops that I checked out today and will return to tomorrow to see how the panoramic shot I took of that fair city turned out.
I feel I should get in the habit of writing at least once a week so will do what I can...let it get loaded into Facebook automatically and copy/paste this blog to other locations like DA...still one of my favorite online haunts. There's a sight called Tumblr that I am checking out which looks nice...neater that FB or that useless Twitter. Flavor of the week I guess!

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Othmar Vohringer said...

Mmmmm, I still can taste that rhubarb/strawberry pie. Hope you make soon another one. I love pie and you of course. :)

Photo of you in the galley looks good.