Dogs and Cat

I was going to write about the garden but that shall wait for a bit. I felt like sharing some info: it is not a crime to threaten to take a gun and shoot someones dog. At least that's what I've been told and I can understand that to a degree. It's one of those things that could be regarded as an empty threat.

A woman threatened to use her gun to shoot my dog this morning if I didn't move him away from her fence.
The fact is there is no sidewalk in front of her house and my dog was within a foot of her property I suppose...more like two feet but that's not the point. There was no point. She had two dogs that came tearing across her yard yapping in that nasty shrieking way little dogs have and I probably did pause for a moment since I was shocked. I couldn't recall ever seeing dogs there before today but now this evening I do remember a rather curt sounding man talking to his wife (?) last year and there were little dogs there.

Anyway after hearing the threat and the second or third 'fuck' being hurled out a window I marched to the front of the house and called her to come out and say what she had to say to my face.
She did come around the house and tried to call her dogs in and threatened me again with shooting my dog for getting near her 'fucking fence'. I walked away in a rage and later on asked the RCMP if there was any point in filing a complaint and what to do.
Basically I'M SUPPOSED TO AVOID PROVOKING HER and WALK ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET. I kind of expected to hear the second part but not the provoking bit since I explained that there was nothing to cause this...although I speculated that she might have been drunk and her dogs had woken her from a hangover.
I don't intend to go out of my way to avoid walking past there- I don't walk that way often; maybe 1 a month or so and she had better never say anything to me again because that would be harassment. It was just a really enraging experience that seemed to have absolutely no point.

Anyways, later on I went to a friends place and took one of the last two kittens from a litter she had rescued from her woodpile (we have a big feral cat issue in Merritt.) What an adorable little creature- great temperament, beautiful tabby markings...overall almost too perfect!
I had been wanting a cat for quite some time and now we finally have one. She likes Othmar and he gets all mushy over her- lol! The dog doesn't like her and the feeling is mutual but I have every confidence they will learn to tolerate one another. That's it for now. :)

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